Mapping sins

Don’t do any of these. They make for bad looking/feeling maps.

Ultra-wide hallways

So the thing about hallways is that they’re empty. oversized-hallway.png This looks and feels bad to play in, with a very large amount of blank space visually.

Ways to fix

Convert to a parkway

Filling the visual emptiness with plantlife or other decoratives helps significantly. This shouldn’t be overdone, though, and it’s preferrable to simply use smaller hallways. parkway-example.png

Abdundance of silver/gold tiles

To put it simply they look terrible, especially combined with decals, and should be used only in extremely specific situations. silver-tiles-hell.png

Ways to fix

Just change the theme

If you’re using them to line a “rich feeling” room, say, the HoP’s office, opt for instead focusing on a home-y feeling, with woods/etc. Most of the station simply does not have this feel and it’ll make them seem exceptional. silver-tiles-hell-except-good.png