Maintainer Policy

Reviews and merging PRs

This does not apply to rule change PRs from the Head Game Admins.

Before merging any PR that is NOT:

  • A simple bug-fix.
  • A small to medium refactor.
  • If in doubt, continue with the procedure and ping anyways.


  • Link the PR in #maint-review-pings AND ping @Review Pings and any relevant Design Work Groups for review. If this PR may affect game admins too (rules, rule clarifications, round flow, etc) all Head Game Admins must be pinged as well.
    • If you are not sure, ping Head Game Admins anyways.
    • It is up to anyone organizing work groups to create a new one if relevant.
      • If a new work group is created due to this, a further 24 hours are added to this process.
  • The PR must have at least one Maintainer approving it, and at least 24 hours must have passed since you pinged @Review Pings, the relevant Design Groups, and Game Admins if applicable in that channel, with no one dissenting to merging said PR.
  • Once those 24 hours are up:
    • If no one dissents, the PR can be merged.
    • If there is dissent, the PR author must be notified on GitHub of people’s requests for changes and/or arguments against it. You do not need to put a ton of effort in summarizing people’s points, simply list opinions as “Maintainer opinion” and “Game Admin opinion”.
      • These opinions must be communicated in a neutral manner, even if you disagree with them.
    • This is the case even if only one person dissents.
    • Once addressed by the PR author, the process may be started again.
    • If a deadlock is reached where one or more people’s dissents cannot be resolved, a 24-hour-long poll must be made in the channel with another @Review Pings + Work Groups + Head Game Admin (if relevant) ping.
    • At least 75% or more of voters must agree to it being merged before it does.
      • There is no veto power from any role in the project.
    • If less than 75% of people vote to merge the PR, it must be discussed again and the PR author must be notified.
    • If after another 48 hours no poll reaches 75% or more approvals, the PR may be closed.

Breaking any of these rules may result in an instant demotion from Maintainer.