Staff Conflict Resolution

“Staff” in this context means: Any Maintainer, Art Director, Project Manager, or Wizard.
This does NOT include Game Admins as of writing this.

If a conversation makes one or more Staff members uncomfortable to the point that a fight happens, you and anyone else witnessing this must follow the following steps:

  • Ping Community Moderator and Project Manager immediately.
  • DM one or multiple Community Moderators and Project Managers, linking them to the ongoing fight and saying that it needs conflict resolution.
  • If you are involved in the fight or argument, immediately disconnect, do not engage further, and do not even open or read the channel.
    • Do not go to another channel on the SS14 discord to vent your frustration.
    • You only need to remain disengaged for the duration of the conflict. Once it is resolved, you may engage again.
    • If an important discussion was being had before the conflict that someone involved in the conflict wanted to have input on, the conflict resolvers and anyone still involved in the conversation afterwards must make sure to include them back into the conversation when things calm down.
      • This is to avoid people feeling left out or feeling the need to not disengage in order to not miss an important conversation.
  • It is completely prohibited to time out, kick or ban any Staff member as a form of initial conflict resolution. See below for the only cases where this may be done.
  • Warn everyone involved that they need to immediately disengage and close the channel.
  • If after three warnings someone continues to do so, DM then with another warning.
  • If they further refuse to disengage and two Project Managers (who are not personally involved in the fight) agree to do so, only then may a Project Manager or Community Moderator time them out for only ten (10) minutes while the Project Managers come to a collective decision on how to resolve the situation.
    • If they remain disruptive, and another 2+ Project Manager consensus is reached on doing so, it may be scaled to 1 hour, then 1 day.
  • The Project Managers must then communicate privately to handle this issue in #business with a ping.
  • Any people involved in the conflict may communicate privately with any Project Manager that is willing to receive their complaints, or post a complaint in the Staff Complaints section of the forums.
    • If you are a Project Manager receiving these complaints and do not want to handle them, you must relay them to the Project Manager discord’s #business channel with a ping.

Breaking this policy once, both if you are the person involved in the fight OR the one resolving it, will result in a warning.
Any further violations within a month will lead to an immediate but temporary demotion.
If any further violations occur after that, you may be removed from the project.