Progress Report Creation

A short handbook about making a progress report.


  • Set an explicit start- & end-date of contributions you want to outline.
  • Create a Trello board based off of the Progress Report Trello Template.
  • Run the tool to generate Trello cards for every Content/Engine pull request. Note that Content PRs without changelogs will be skipped.
  • Organize the cards into their columns as you see fit.
  • Write descriptions for every card.
  • Combine the card contents into a markdown file based off of the Progress Report Markdown Template, but be sure to update the PR number.
  • Ask PJB for the Patrons list.
  • Add the contributors list, see below.
  • Replace/remove names as stated here.
  • Put the markdown file into website-content/content/post. Images go in a new website-content/static/images/post/pr_[number] directory and videos go in a new website-content/static/video/pr_[number] directory.
  • Create PNGs and MP4s for every section that needs them.
  • Run this script in the directory with all of the PNGs. Requires ImageMagick and optipng.
  • Make a thumbnail (800x450) PNG and put it in website-content/assets/images/thumbnails.
  • Create a pull request on the website repo. Give everyone a chance to review it for a couple days, then merge at the same time as you release it.


  • List of all contributors with the following command: git shortlog -s -n --since=<start> --until=<end>.
  • Commit-count: git rev-list --count master --since=<start> --until=<end>.

Places to Release

  • Website. Automatically published when the pull request to website-content is merged.
  • Steam (bug PJB or Smug).
  • Discord.
  • Patreon (bug PJB).
  • Reddit (r/ss13, r/ss14, & r/linux_gaming).
  • Twitter (bug PJB or Smug).