Short, Properly Capitalized Title

Your title should convey the basic jist of your proposed changes. It should be short because the text will be linked in the sidebar.

DesignersImplementedGitHub Links
Your Names Here✅ Yes or ⚠️ Partially or ℹ️ Open PR or ❌ NoPR Links or TBD

Designers should be the names that you use on GitHub and/or Discord. This is optional but strongly recommended, since:

  • This acknowledges credit where it is due
  • People who are confused about the written intent can use this information to contact the authors

Implemented is the status of the feature.

Github links can include multiple PRs, if relevant.


A very short, maybe three sentence summary of what this proposal is about. A high level “overview” or “what this adds”.


Summarize any information that is needed to contextualize the proposed changes, e.g. the current state of the game.

Also link any relevant discussions on Discord, GitHub, or HackMD that are relevant to the proposal.

The rest?

Is entirely up to you.