Maintainer Meeting (30 Dec 2023)


Any decisions taken in these notes may no longer be applicable.

Time: 30 Dec 2023 18:00 UTC


  • DrSmugleaf
  • EmoGarbage
  • Lank
  • Bhijn
  • Jezithyr
  • PJB
  • ElectroSR

Replace reagent id strings with the reagent prototype | ElectroSR

  • This is to avoid having to constantly fetch the prototypes whenever solutions are modified, which becomes important if we add more properties like boiling/freezing.
  • Note that solutions already don’t support prototype reloading for things like heat capacities.
  • When Electro (or smug) codes it

Making discussions not shorten my lifespan by several years | EmoGarbage

Discussions have gotten unquestionably worse and it makes me hate doing them ever. shit blows! poorly! low quality sloppy!

  • Do we needback #bugs-feedback
    • Low-entry cost leads to low interest and lack of investment in discussions
    • Too fast-paced to actually manage any kind of sane discussion
    • Derails hard and frequently turns into circular discussions
  • Keeping balance issues / suggestions / feature requests in github issues
    • People occasionally suggest controversial balance changes as github issues
    • These issues fly under the radar until someone makes a PR pointing at some random github issue that no one has given a look at
  • Getting reliable feedback
    • Discussions devolve into pointless hearsay because we don’t have good sources of info
    • Consider having some way for maints/admins/PMs to call upon the hordes to gather info in a timely manner
    • Consider querying admins for relevant in-game observations on topic
    • Can we get a private shared maint/admin channel i beg of you
  • Organizing feedback
    • Secondary forums channel for compiling feedback on topics
    • Consider limiting to contributors or implement 30 second slowmode
    • Actually implement some decently high standards of discussion so it isn’t just someone dropping in to say something sucks
    • Half the time i pop in to check out a thread the criticism is so vague that it literally just amounts to “remove all the changes” and you literally can glean 0 info out of it
    • Consider having some time limit on these so we can cut them off when they’re still useful and get info out of them
  • Need a better way to get selective feedback (such as from admins)
  • Round end survey
  • Have GitHub issues only represent things we actively want
  • Also check staff discord perms for #bugs-feedback

Do we add a new ComponentShutdownNoEntityShutdown event | metalgearsloth

  • When someone codes it
  • Make it not a pain in the ass to use without code duplication (demonstrate how it would be used)

Cross-Server design | EmoGarbage

Mostly applies to MRP: players get upset when features designed for one mode aren’t made with considerations for another.

  • Features are primarily designed for LRP and frequently have little consideration of Space Law
  • Gamemodes rely on mechanics like murder to trigger early round ends
  • Higher skill-level servers stomp some antags because the balancing occurs on servers with lower average skill

Content that has caused issues between LRP/MRP:

  • Revs and when the round should end (all are executed vs continuing the round)

Early Access Roadmap

  • nothing on this roadmap matters except early access trailer.
  • A trailer for Steam
    • ask enrico about the trailer
  • game admin items
  • gamemodes/antags
  • Steam account linking
  • The game runs like shit how do people play this
    • “IDK but maybe when I fix the watchdog you can figure it out easier” | 09/09/2023
    • “I only played VRChat since last time and VRChat runs like shit so I don’t know how people play this” | 23/09/2023
    • “” | 21/10/2023
    • Miros runs fine | 16/12/2023
      • I am 5 parallel universes ahead of you
    • We have a new Minecraft server it runs fine now (SS14 runs fine, really)

Crashes / Critical bugs: (when are we moving these to GitHub)

  • Crashes the server reliably.
  • Something that bricks your client often (needs a client restart).
    • Example: Blackscreens the client until you reconnect.
  • If something ruins the round and is disabled because of it.
    • Example: Communal lung bug. => till next time like and subscribe smash that button did you know only 6% of contribs join this meeting? According to YouTube’s statistics,

PJB personal roadmap

  • Audio rework DONE NO WAY
  • Fix infra
  • Watchdog rework: testmerges, better way to get traces from game servers
  • Fix perf oh god