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The powerhouse of the cell station


Engineering is responsible for building, running, maintaining, and repairing life-critical station hardware. No matter what the situation is, engineering keeps the power on and the atmosphere breathable.

  • Primary Goal: Keep the station habitable and respond to life-support emergencies
  • Secondary Goal: Perform upgrades[1] the station and process raw resources into usable items/equipment.

[1] The difference between engineering and science when it comes to upgrades is that Engineering focuses on the implementation/installation while Science researches/creates the upgrades or their components.

Player Story

A short (1-2 paragraph) story from the perspective of someone playing a role in this department. This is effectively a story of the ideal experience of a player interacting with these mechanics/systems.

Design Pillars

A group of simple high-level ideas that embody this department. These are usually expressed with singluar words or short phrases, but may also include a short one sentence explaination. Game pillars are what makes the identity of the department.

Pillars are there to act as guides when creating new mechanics or interactions, they serve as the measuring posts to make sure that what you are trying to do will fit in the department gameplay.

To acheive this you want pillars that are concrete enough to get your concept across but broad enough that there is some room of interpretation and discussion.


Breif Pillar Description


Breif Pillar Description


What is this department’s objective when it comes to the round? Do they have a unique failure condition? If so, what is it? How does this department’s objectives interact with the rest of the station?


How does the gameplay of this department change over the course of a round? Are there unlocks? Are players collecting/spending resources? Is this progression tied/related to other departments? If so how?


How does the experience of the player change over the course of a round? Are players constantly running around putting out fires or are there breaks in the action? Do players need to wait on other departments as pre-requisites for their own gameplay, or is this department fairly self-sufficent?


What major mechanics does this department use and how are they connected to this department.


Each mechanic should have its own subheading and should contain a short high-level overview of the mechanic and how it is used by this department. Each mechanic should also link their associated design document as the subheading.

Mechanic_Placeholder2 (Not Implemented Yet)

Mechanics that are unimplemented should be marked with (Not Implmented Yet) and should link the associated design proposal if it exists.