Docs are for Discoverability

This document is here to elucidate an extremely important point when it comes to writing docs that everyone looking to contribute new pages should internalize.

Docs are for discoverability!

What this means is that docs for systems should not include things like:

  • Specific method APIs that are bound to change
  • Enumerating and explaining every field a random prototype has
  • Explaining code details that are 100x better communicated through code comments and xmldocs

When someone is looking for ‘documentation’ on a subject, there’s really two different things they could be looking for. They could have only a general idea of what they want to do and are looking for the how–looking for what tools and systems are available to begin with, and how they fit together as a cohesive whole. This is the service that a markdown documentation site like this is intended to provide.

Or, they can be searching for the what–the specifics of the APIs they’re working with, what methods they can call, what to pass into those methods, overrides for abstract methods, etc. This is best served by your IDE, because C# is a statically typed language and this information is very easily available to anyone programming. Search in files is also very powerful, when your IDE can’t help (such as searching for available YAML datafields).



If you are trying to accomplish X, the best way is through GlubbySystem...
First make a GlubbyPrototype in YAML, then in your own system call methods on GlubbySystem
to create and register a glubber...


Here are the fields available on GlubbyPrototype:
glubPotency: this field is an integer
glubDecay: this field is a timespan
glubberDelay: this field is a timespan
glubTargets: this field is a dictionary of string to entityuid of glub target

There is no guarantee that all of the docs pages here will actually adhere to this concept! A lot of them are very, very old. If you feel like rewriting them, go for it!