Maintainer Meeting (19 March 2022)



Any decisions taken in these notes may no longer be applicable.

Time: 19 March 2022 16:00 UTC


Weekly bug-sheriff to triage issues that come up | Paul

  • Discord message
  • Maybe also include triaging PRs that should/could be included in the progress report
    • Use labels for project reports, is 3 too many?
      • 3 is good, use Major for things that should be added
      • Minor for things that may be added/fine to miss
  • We can shuffle maintainers around to this role depending on availability
    • Have a bot or something that displays how many issues are untagged?
    • Whoever volunteers

Fixing/refactoring test pooling | DrSmugleaf

  • Discord message
  • Restarting the round is not a foolproof solution to reset the instance.
  • Integration test client reconnection is faulty which is why pooling never applied for client instances.
  • We need functioning full state serialization, then reset the state.

How does one move the YAML Linter to engine | DrSmugleaf

  • Discord message
  • How do we have content have a way to specify IOC services to use if the YAML Linter is in the engine.
    • Nobody knows
  • Currently all the YAML Linter project does is start up two integration instances and call a prototype manager method.
    • Nobody knows an alternative

Where to draw the line on references to non-SS13 media | PJB

Examples of references to discuss:

  • many AI names from small names barely anybody knows to SHODAN to Siri.
    • I fucking added X.A.N.A. to the AI name list on /vg/ you can damn well bet your ass I’m gonna try to keep it there
      • Who added XANA I must know who here stans Code Lyoko
  • Kamina glasses & other Gurren Lagann items
    • Keep
  • Hatsune Miku clothes
    • Keep it’s CC
  • Alien franchise (aliens duh but also Ripley mechs?)
    • No (we have replacements thank god)
    • RIP smug
  • Duck game items on /vg/
    • VG items are direct asset rips, fuck that
  • Portal gun on /vg/ (Terraria has one too!)
    • It’s pixel should be fine. Valve allows a lot of usage from what I know.
  • Red telephone
    • This is fine until valve releases their Red Phone AU
    • Yes this is fine

(Writing out thoroughly since I won’t be here)

Some thoughts:

  • Something like Siri or Windows might be ick since those are actively advertised trademarks and stuff. Something like SHODAN isn’t as big of a deal?
    • Agree
  • A simple name drop like SHODAN isn’t as big of a deal as complete content-take like Aliens.
    • Agree
  • Taking assets is never OK, obviously.
    • Agree
  • Miku clothes are fine only because they allow nonprofit use, prob wouldn’t be otherwise?
    • Agree

Case-by-case, check what each owning company has policy-wise

  • If the demand is very strict it may want us to remove the content from git hsitory, needing a rewrite, which is painful

Renaming/editing/hiding old rsi-editor | mirrorcult

  • Discord message
  • People are still trying to use it over RSIEdit
  • Already archived
  • We are waiting on GitHub to detach the fork
  • Edit the rsi-editor Readme to lead to RSIEdit


  • It doesn’t show up on the organization’s project list because it’s a fork
    • Ticket to detach it already open with GitHub Support

Commission lobby art | mirrorcult

  • Discord message
  • We have lobby BG support now
  • PJB’s take: BG should take full screen at ~16:9 aspect ratio. Part will be covered up by lobby UI on the right frequently; art commissioned can put less important stuff there to avoid wasting effort.
    • Please no inset image like SS13 lobby. The lobby goes on top of the art.
  • Find an artist, get the price, use Patreon money.
    • Artist for some of the stuff is aspev, steam art is waster of orange.
  • Try to add support for viewing a map through a viewport in the background.
  • Make a transparent overlay to give to the artists to know what aspect ratio they have to work with
    • Overcompensate for a long server name

What extra servers do we want | mirrorcult

  • Discord message
  • We have EU West 1, EU West 2, US West and Oceania at the moment
  • We can host more instances on our current hardware
  • Poll for MRP
    • Discord poll, but we should implement game polls too
  • US East pls
  • Kill EU West 1 make 2 new 1
    • add US East

Early Access Roadmap

Previous Roadmap

  • emergency shuttle
    • auto shuttle movement
  • gamemodes/antags
    • dynamic | mirror
      • nuke ops
        • the nuke is done, but it doesnt explode
          • large kaboom required
        • does not work outside dynamic
      • lings?
        • needs DNA
      • blob | Remie
      • cult?
        • make it as good as vg for pjb
      • revs
        • we want a generic antag overlay system
        • loyalty implant
        • faction system
  • EL BODY SYSTEM | mirror
    • some refactors were done by mirror, still some left
    • surgery died in the war of 1992
  • Salvage proc gen | moony
  • Radiation refactor
  • body system but again
  • body system (get smug to code it)
    • Species
      • we need to do non human body parts
        • needed to reenable lizard
    • could benefit from full state reload
  • movement refactor
    • Client side movement?
      • a smidgen
        • as a treat
  • Tutorial
    • In game guides
      • Yes
      • Waiting on pretty labels
      • books/ebooks in pda
        • ebooks preloaded on pda for selected job
        • when rich text gets merged
          • ![]( =40x)
  • oldchat + ui refactor | Jezithyr
    • we did it
  • explosion refactor | ElectroJR
    • under review
  • combat rework
    • hard to hit someone
    • wide attacks might be broken
      • prediction issue
  • ghostrole bans | ShadowCommander
    • unify ghost roles prototype
  • pulling refactor | Sloth
  • admin notes | DrSmugleaf
  • Admin traitor/role menu
    • Assign people roles
    • Objectives UI
  • Job playtime requirements
    • Playtime tracking
    • Per role playtime tracking
  • experimental science
  • action ui refactor, like ss13 maybe
  • change pvs to p/invoke zstd
    • compression too slow
    • we’re using (Q’s) C# library for zstd
  • Prototype composition | Paul
  • Server polls
    • Map poll at round end
  • Round Statistics
    • Log votes, which maps are played the most…
  • suit storage

Crashes / Critical bugs: (when are we moving these to GitHub)

  • Round restart fails sometimes (may be a physics issue) => till next time

PJB isn’t here so there’s no Tetris after-meeting party