Expected Feature Proposal Decorum

Work in Progress

This page is a work in progress! Some information may be incomplete or outdated.

  • No half-baked stuff or scratchbooks or anything like that. Only fully-formed documents.
  • If you’re the main author of something, put your name in the title in brackets. Otherwise, note all of the authors and designers in italics under the main header. The primary designers take priority over the author of a document.
  • Not everything here is gospel, or going to be implemented into SS14. If a document is authored by a maintainer or signed off by one, it can be treated as a source of truth.

Any documents proposed:

  • Should conform to the basic Core Game Design as well as this document obviously.
  • Should contain sufficient justification for their existence,
  • Can be closed or drafted at maintainer discretion,
  • Are a reflection of SS14 to others that may be interested in how the game is designed. Take note of that. p