Publishing RobustToolbox


These instructions are a step-by-step guide for engine maintainers to follow.

  1. Open a terminal in the RobustToolbox directory (cd RobustToolbox if you are in the space-station-14 directory)
  2. Fetch latest master (git fetch
  3. Checkout the remote master branch (git checkout -B master upstream/master, WITH capital ‘B’ to overwrite master)
    • This step will overwrite your local master branch with the remote one.
  4. Run (python ./Tools/ 0.1.0, where 0.1.0 is the version number you want, WITHOUT ‘v’)
    • If you use py instead on Windows it might not work due to the python microsoft store alias.
  5. Push your commit and tag to RobustToolbox (git push and git push v0.1.0, WITH ‘v’)
    • Do NOT run git push --tags as that will push every tag you have locally, even those that have been deleted.
  6. Go back into the content directory (cd ..)
  7. Checkout a new branch (git checkout -b update/robust-0.1.0)
  8. Commit the engine change (git commit RobustToolbox -m "Update RobustToolbox")
  9. Push your branch (git push)
  10. Open a PR to the content repository and merge it.


It is always a good idea to run the game with the new engine version before publishing it and merging the PR, to check that everything still works. You can also run tests locally with “dotnet test” as that will be faster than waiting for them to run on the GitHub workflows.