Maintainer Meeting (16 Dec 2023)


Any decisions taken in these notes may no longer be applicable.

Time: 16 Dec 2023 18:00 UTC


  • DrSmugleaf
  • PJB
  • EmoGarbage
  • Faint
  • Lank
  • Visne
  • ElectroSR
  • notafet
  • Julian
  • Jezithyr
  • chromiumboy

Dump the wiki | metalgearsloth

  • Originally never intended long-term

  • I don’t want to be forced into maintaining this

  • Just link people github if they want something out of game

  • Add banner

  • Possible solutions:

    1. Set up new site that is “the guide book, online”. Current wiki keeps existing
      • Preferably with a banner or something “use guide book for up-to-date info”
    2. Set up new site, kill wiki
    3. Make a system to automatically integrate guidebook content into the wiki
  • We’re not stupid enough to delude ourselves into thinking anybody is going to step up to do (3) so lol

P5S | ElectroSR

  • P5S thread
  • Engine PR
  • Electro is making another PR to use arrays instead of 100 dicts
  • Please god PJB finish the better profiler infrastructure
    • Ability for maintainers to make profiles of game servers without bugging PJB
    • Benchmarking server, automated benchmarks

<bikeshed Discord .NET library> for the server OOC relay | PJB

  • It’s easier to setup
  • Will it add significant overhead
  • Do it

Better error monitoring system for game servers | PJB

  • Nobody checks grafana
  • Checking Grafana sucks
  • When PJB infrastructures it
    • Pain and suffering

Trailer 2 electric boogaloo | PJB

  • Ping maintainer and/or PM for feedback, send it in one message to Enrico and end the suffering.
  • how do we actually hold ourselves to it :godo:

Admin Affecting Issues | CE

  • Erase verb is broken in its current state. It fails to delete some messages if the target is spamming.
  • Skeleton still sometimes spawn in nullspace or whatever it’s called requiring admin intervention to fix.
  • Replays are completely broken. Before they broke the seek bar was glitched and would fast forward/backwards indefinitely after you used it. Seems to have been following the mouse well after the user stopped clicking.
    • Send a message in contrib notifications or somewhere that old replays are (currently?) broken.
    • Have a separate download in the repo for old launcher that works with old replays.
    • Set up a steam beta for an old launcher for old replays?
  • Adminhelp is often glitched and not showing specific players even if you can hear the ahelps being sent. You cannot right click player names in the ahelp menu.
    • Broken right clicks:
      • AHelp
      • F7 players tab
      • F7 objects tab
  • There should be functionality for responding to ahelps through discord.
    • Wow we already addressed the ahelp thing halfway
  • Vehicles break after going over ice requiring admin intervention to fix.
  • Restart votes seem to be abused to determine whether there are admins on.
    • A fix to this could be allowing votes when admins are on but them having no effect.
  • Add round numbers to ahelp (or to PDAs and call them shift numbers)

Do we record maintainer meetings | Petalmeat

  • Have to ask all maintainers and PMs if they are comfortable with it.

Server hosting docs

  • Have a shorter docs page for people that want a server for only themselves or themselves+friends, link to it with a bot command.

Early Access Roadmap

  • nothing on this roadmap matters except early access trailer.
  • A trailer for Steam
    • ask enrico about the trailer
  • gamemodes/antags
  • Steam account linking
  • The game runs like shit how do people play this
    • “IDK but maybe when I fix the watchdog you can figure it out easier” | 09/09/2023
    • “I only played VRChat since last time and VRChat runs like shit so I don’t know how people play this” | 23/09/2023
    • “” | 21/10/2023
    • Miros runs fine | 16/12/2023
      • I am 5 parallel universes ahead of you

Crashes / Critical bugs: (when are we moving these to GitHub)

  • Crashes the server reliably.
  • Something that bricks your client often (needs a client restart).
    • Example: Blackscreens the client until you reconnect.
  • If something ruins the round and is disabled because of it.
    • Example: Communal lung bug. => till next time like and subscribe smash that button did you know only 6% of contribs join this meeting? According to YouTube’s statistics,

PJB personal roadmap

  • Audio rework DONE NO WAY
  • Fix infra
  • Watchdog rework: testmerges, better way to get traces from game servers
  • Fix perf oh god