Acronyms and Nomenclature

SS14Space Station 14. Remake of Space Station 13 (SS13).
BYONDThe game engine for SS13.
RobustToolbox, EngineSS14’s game engine. (Think BYOND).
Content, Content PackThe “game” running on RobustToolbox. (Think SS13).
CVarConvar/Console Variable. Configurable value that you can change in the config files or through the console.
.yml, YAMLYAML Ain’t Markup Language. Used to define prototypes.
.toml, TOMLTom’s Obvious Minimal Language. Like YAML but for config.
ECSEntity Component System
IoCInversion of Control
.dmi, DMIBYOND/SS13’s sprite file format. Converted to an RSI for our usage.
.rsi, RSIRobust Station Images. SS14’s image “file” format (actually a folder).
PVSPotentially Visible Set. Stops the server from sending out-of-range entities to clients.
PJB, PJB3005Pieter-Jan Briers. Supreme ^Nerd^ overlord of SS14.
VSC, VSCodeVisual Studio Code. Not the same as VS.
VSVisual Studio Community 2017/19. Not the same as VSC. The IDE for people who can’t get a Rider license.
RiderA crossplatform IDE for C#. (Can be obtained for free as a student).
WatchdogSS14 Server Watchdog. Used for dedicated server logging, updating and general management.
LidgrenNetworking library.
Box2DThe basis for SS14’s (heavily modified) physics system.
AvaloniaUI framework used for the launcher.
Postgres, SQLiteDatabases.
EntityUidEntity Unique Identifier