2021-10-02 Maintainer Meeting


Any decisions taken in these notes may no longer be applicable.


First topic: when are we playing spelunky arena mode

Vera: Standard for missing components in new resolve standard

right now they just fail silently and return

  • log errors in the resolve, make it optional to disable

Sloth: Refactoring collision masks to something like source

because everyone stuffs them up

  • sounds good go for it

Vera: mobs probably need a base mob prototype

yes pj notes current species impl is bad 3 different prototypes per species -> should be one honestly pj notes “eausugeuguegebgeyehmeh” SS13 does 2 too the problem is that all the data is duplicated in the mob entity prototype SS14, SS13’s is fine.

Vera: can we stop naming things base.yml

  • may the odds be ever in her favor
  • base_xyz.yml format

Vera: future of async interactions

  • do_after() etc
  • actions/callbacks instead?
  • events can be serialized unlike async, but using events is more painful
  • T E C H D E B T -> makes issue 2&>1 /dev/null

Mirrorcult: wiki.js docs & bi-directional git support

  • git support for wiki.js docs so non-maintainers can contribute easier
  • talk about more docs in general, how do we get em? enforce it? when do we enforce it?
    • enforce for large prs. make required
  • vera still salty about ECS document being grieffed smh 😔 at below
  • silver grieffed ECS omegalul
  • paul discovers autoscrolling based on where you type in hackmd

Sloth: PVS performance because people lifted up the carpet and saw the termites

  • serialization slow
  • acruid missing
  • remove player specific states -> ???? -> pvs fixed
  • custom path for player specific states?
    • have two events, one for common state and one for player-specific states
  • pjb.speech_speed=120%

Playtest review

  • bugs, perf. etc
  • the gang gets ratiod by vera
  • vera is in (s)pain
  • tickets
    • persistent
  • mom and dad are fighting

Literally everyone: We need logging

  • how do we persist:
    • positions -> entitycoordinates, but not the literal type
    • entities -> euid, name, prototypeid
  • db stuff needs doing and paul is too dumb
  • silver will check out grafana/loki pains

SS14.Admin experience

  • what stats to display
  • have one place to view logs
  • access to admin panel?

Progress Report

  • opendream & shuttles in next pr
  • look over contents
  • deadline: soon:tm:
    • yes pls soon I want tg walls and byondchat
  • PR link

Sloth: The big shuttle bonanza

How to thrust

  • Should thrust be related to the position of the thruster, especially for angular velocity i.e. should it be perpendicular?
    • Should thrusters be smoothed to make w i d e t h r u s t
  • How should thrusters be obtainable
  • What should the driving UI look like, radar like raft / baro? Controls? Access locked?
  • Should it be possible to rotation-lock to make driving something like an escape pod easier
  • Shuttle collisions, minimum velocity / mass / effects (I think last time we talked about it was a couple tiles destruction max)
  • Speedcap?
  • Which sprite set are we using (eris?) Should we support additional stuff like wings
  • how should ship guns work

How to dock

  • Do we actually want grid merging vs just attaching it via a joint. Gonna have the eventbus flooded with the grid change (parenting events)
  • Somewhat related: Floyd mentioned having a salvage shuttle that tows stuff in rather than using something like a tractor beam

Balance questions

  • How many thrusters to move an average size

GitHub Projects, Discussions

  • Discuss how bad they are.
  • GitHub Discussions is where ideaguys go to die.
    • Vera: YEET
    • salvage, then yeet
  • Why tf did Paul create https://github.com/orgs/space-wizards/projects/6hh
    • i propose raising the debt ceiling. all in favor say aye

Meeting review

what could be done better in terms of moderating?

  • make sure pjb eats dinner before meeting X3
  • play jackbox after next meeting
  • play xonotic during meeting