Minor Antagonist: Thief

Attention: Legacy Documentation!

This document is ported from before the game-area reorganization and has not been reviewed or updated. It may not fit with the new design requirements.

the purpose of this proposal is to add a new minor antagonist to the game, the Thief. This antagonist’s specialty is stealing various items, structures and animals from the station, without resorting to violence or killing.


Thieves is a small addition to the other game modes. At the moment, thieves can only appear in Traitors and Revolution modes with 50% chance. There can be from 1 to 3 thieves in total, and they are chosen among random players at the beginning of the round. The exceptions are Command and Security players.

When appear, the Thief gains 1 new item, “undetermined toolbox”, which allows you to choose your play style by giving you starter gear.

Customizable play style

Inside the Thief’s backpack, there are 3 things by default:

  1. Thief’s Gloves, which allow you to steal things from people unnoticed
  2. Undetermined toolbox, allows you select up to 2 starter equipment kit

Suggested equipment sets for toolbox: | Name | Content | |–––––|:———––| | Thief Pinpointer | Includes: A pinpointer that shows the direction to an object of interest to the owner thief. When switched on or off, it selects a random object for which the thief has not yet completed the target. | | Chameleon’s Set | Includes: A set of chameleon clothes. | | Bearcatcher’s kit | Includes 2 C4s, multitool, jaws of life, advanced welder meson glasses and insulated gloves.| | Chemistry kit | It includes a storage implanter, a dna scrambler implanter, and ephedrine bottle, omnizine bottle.| | Syndie Set | Includes: Agent ID, syndie-cigarettes, syndie pAI, 10 TC (usless for thief, needed for traitor. Communication?)| | Sleeper Set | Includes: a hipopen, a set of 3 nocturine vials, a nitrous oxide cylinder, a set of syndicate pajamas. | | Communicator’s kit | Includes master key for all station channels, radio jammer, voice mask, portable crew monitor and lots of money for business deals. | | Smuggler’s kit | Includes a fulton beacon, 10 fultons and invisible crate. |

Thief goals

The thief’s targets are chosen according to the following pattern: With a 50% chance, a difficult target is added to steal a structure or animal. The remaining targets are selected from a pool of small item theft or collection targets until the total difficulty is sufficient. The final goal is always to escape the station alive and unarrested.

Steal the item

The goal is to steal a certain item from the station, and keep it with you by the end of the round. The target list consists of random objects whose abduction can lead to interesting scenarios. This list can include both easy and extremely difficult targets. This list should not include items that Traitors require: if they are successfully stolen by a thief, the goal becomes too difficult for the Traitor to accomplish.

Forensic Scanner

Steal the structure

the goal is to steal a large object that doesn’t fit in your inventory. For the goal to be fulfilled, the structure must be near the thief at the end of the round.

Nucler Bomb
The captain fax
Security Segway
Chemical Dispencer
Alien artifact
Heater or Freezer
Teg part
Meat Spike
Hydroponic tray
Booze dispencer

Steal the animal

The goal is to steal and have said animal next to you by the end of the round. The animal must be alive.

any animal with a name (except Ian)


the goal is to accumulate a large number of specific items and have them with you by the end of the round.

Head’s Cloaks
Head’s Bedsheets
Door Remotes
Research Disks
ID Cards

Expected gameplay

Given the restriction on violence, gameplay as a thief involves maximum stealth. The thief evaluates the quests he has received, and chooses 2 sets of items to choose from that can help him best. The thief tries to steal the specified targets stealthily, trying not to get caught. If caught, the thief may not fight. But even the specified list of targets does not allow the security service to execute him or put him permanently in a cell.

This means that a thief, once released, can always try again.