Contributing Translations


The main game cannot be translated for now. While the game itself does support localization as well, we currently do not want to accept upstream translations as they cannot actually be used by players on official servers.

Translating the game to other languages is relatively easy! No programming knowledge or special software is required, just an understanding of English and whatever language you’re translating to.

Getting Started

Translation of the game is handled via Weblate. This program provides an easy interface for translators to submit translations. To get started, you can simply sign in with your existing Space Station 14 account.

As a new user, you only have the ability to submit suggestions. These need to be reviewed by another translator before being accepted. If you want to get full translator permissions (ability to direct save translations yourself), just ask in Discord or on the Forum, there’s no high barrier of entry here. Same thing if you submit suggestions and they don’t get approved by an existing translator a week later.

If the language you want to translate to doesn’t exist yet, also just ask. It requires a bit of manual work to set everything up for a new language.

Working Together

Translation requires teamwork and coordination. If you wanna talk about translation stuff, the best place to do it is the #translation channel on our Discord.