Maintainer Meeting Notes - Date: 16.10.2021


Any decisions taken in these notes may no longer be applicable.

Mirrorcult (last 2)

A plan for release | Mirror

do we feature freeze, keep going as a standalone thing and let forks take over?

  • will /veegee/ steal PJB back? idk
  • pjb doesnt like trees
  • we will continue to develop the official game

18:07 – My cookies are already gone. Oh no. WHATTAAMAGONNADO??? 🍪

Game admins, we need em | Mirror

server population is picking up. we should probably look for more admins if we can.

  • we really needs logs before we do this
  • also other admin tools
    • logging
    • jobbans
    • notes
    • improve ahelps when we have logging & have them link to a private discord
    • Teleport Here and Jump to Player but not ass
    • click author name of a message to open a context menu, jump to them @PJB for the functionality for buttons in chat
  • new admins are gonna ragequit because the lack of admintools
  • all gameadmins are basically inactive, delete role

Discord channel mosh pit

  • we have info spread throughout #rules-info, #faq, #annoucements, #progress-reports
    • team agrees its fine, but move faq to website & link to it from #rules-info
  • internal channels. its mostly not even for development, more like a meta-gang of friends, so the “contributor” might be a bit misleading
    • VIP: Assigned on discretion. Internal channels (secret-ss14, secret-offtopic, vidya-gamers)
    • Contributor: ““Automatic”“ role after 1 PR. Access to #actual-development #progress-reports #role-assign #important-info
    • Move gamer role from role-assign to vidya-gamers
    • Have patreons & contributors have access to patreons?????????????
    • maybe have a seperate discord for developing in the future

Rotation bug funnies | Sloth

Spawning the station rotated to better spot obvious rotation bugs

  • sure
  • this is terrible for map diff renderer
    • you know the emoji disintegrating gif where it has the funny loading icon? that
    • Deal with it

Popup/Prompt standard | Shadow, Mirror

  • which side confirm & cancel goes to
    • confirm right





  • have a simplified way to create them

    • pjb hates em. “really does not like them” extreme hatred “input dialogs everywhere”
    • pjb made a spooky sound… she scares me
    • AaAAaaAAAaaaaaAAAAaAAA!
    • mom pick me up im scared
    • just saw a blue vera gradient in pjb’s krita recent files, d’aw.
  • solution: have “popups” that expand out of stuff like the examine window or:

This is already in, woo

## Status effects framework & event handling | Vera - We might wanna code a general framework for status effects. Discuss what we need. - Certain status effects should probably be components so handling events with them isn’t bad

Runtime? Variant? Strains? Seed prototypes 📉 | Vera

some systems depend on getting roundstart prototypes and modifying those (by creating variants). this should be standardized to not become a massive mess

  • a
  • conversation has gone off-rails :focus:
  • codebase ain’t prepared for YAML hot-reload…
  • open git issue for this system
  • sacrifice vera by rewriting seeds and then get ideas
  • you know the emoji disintegrating gif where it has the funny loading icon? that

Ancient Hardware vs. Compute Shaders | Paul, hopefully PJB

do we keep supporting ancient hardware or do we save ourselves the trouble and get nicer libs & nice new features

  • veldrid
  • benefits: pjb dies less daily, compute shaders
  • downsides: pjb rewrites renderer, needs to be rewritten anyways
  • pjb: might be possible to keep opengl and rewrite renderer to be onpar
  • ancient hardware wins again

Wallmounts, how do | Mirror

refuses to elaborate leaves

very fast pjb transcription done by 3 people at once:

  • visibility is dependent on the viewport (camera position, side of the wall)
  • cant be global (e.g. cant be on the spritecomponent)
  • collect list of spritecomponents & pass it to systems that want to look into it so they can switch the visibility (working on a copy of the data)

Logging stuff | Mirror

  • log by each entity system, then group systems together?
    • move entity system, logs are different
    • OOC is not in an entity system
    • manually assign groups instead (like ss13)
  • how to store logs
    • throw it on postgres (jsonb goes brrrr) for the time being
    • if its a perf/(web) scaling problem we can change it later
  • use loki to aggregate? @Silvertorch5
    • if we need perf we do it then, just postgres for now
  • stay with grafana for all logs, or just server metrics? have our own prebuilt solution for logs? @Silvertorch5
    • grafana way too limited, we need our own solution for logs. keep for server metrics.
  • ingame log viewer
    • yes, obviously
    • drag select an area when?
  • API?
    • check pauls branch