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This document is ported from before the game-area reorganization and has not been reviewed or updated. It may not fit with the new design requirements.

Possible Removal

This content is being considered for removal, and may no longer be in-game in the future.

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Basically an offbrand version of the Terminator with everything fairly faithful to the original film. Spawns in naked with no gear and has to find equipment to kill their target, which is the main objective. They can be tasked with killing anyone on the station.


A midround antag focused on killing a single person then dying, with minimal crossfire. The exterminator comes in does the job and disposes of themselves. Security will have something to do once reported, but it won’t be a round ender. Security are expected to maybe try kill it with guns before realising they aren’t effective then switch to lasers or asking chemistry for bombs.


While the exterminator has no telecrystals or gear like syndies or ninjas, what they do have is the following:

  • Extreme strength, since its a cyborg from the future strong punches and takes little damage from conventional weapons. Their main weakness is that fire and explosions do huge damage so find an oil tanker or make a flamethrower.
  • After taking 200 of any damage or 100 burn damage, they are gibbed and become an endoskeleton. The endoskeleton has no hands and is slow but is immune to burns, stabbing and shooting as it is pure titanium. You have to gib it with blunt weapons to finish it off, like a hydraulic press.

Since the exterminator’s target can be any human player, killing the chef will be easier than the captain. You’ll have to improvise with how you pull things off.

As it only spawns without intervention through a midround event, it can never spawn or have multiple exterminators per round.

The exterminator is not required to collaborate with anyone but can at the player’s leisure. For example, if it spawns when nukies are attacking the station it would be wise to help them since nuking all but guarantees the target’s death.

As an antagonist you can kill whoever tries to stop you from killing your target, but you should not go out of your way to murderbone as per the game rules.



The biggest thing with the exterminator, replaces gibbing being a completely bad thing. The exterminator has one organ, the brain, which is what gets control after being gibbed. While you are less flexible as a player you do more damage, letting you pull of a desperate last attempt to kill the target. Once the endoskeleton is gibbed from blunt weaponry, it leaves behind a very valuable nt-800 skull, which looks cool and can be kept by the target or sold for big bucks.

As the endoskeleton can’t hold guns and is slow, it is an easy target for tiders to finish off with bats and crowbars.


Obviously The Terminator (1984) it’s a classic.