Maintainer Meeting Notes - Date: 27 Nov 2021



Any decisions taken in these notes may no longer be applicable.


Recruiting new game admins | Vera, Paul

  • Application form
  • Staff application forums
  • no irc
  • perhaps recruit some ss13 admins?

How do we cope with the many PRs we’ve been getting | Paul, Sloth

  • Having a “How to make your pr more reviewable”-guide
    • Don’t make a bunch of miscellaneous additional changes in a PR, e.g. changing the heat resistance of a pair of gloves alongside your PR adding a new gun
    • Don’t make a bunch of formatting changes in a file if you change 1 line. It makes the review significantly more difficult to parse what actually changed and can generate conflicts for other PRs.
    • Once a review has started on your PR do not force push to it.
    • prefer multiple small PRs over one large PR
  • simply have 100% test coverage it reviews itself

From (Also here now!

We need a knowledgebase, so contribs can find everything important at once.

Engine code quality needs to go up.

We need to:

  • write more docs, especially super simple 14
    • most common things people are pr’ing
      • how to use containers
    • go through prs to see what people are doing
      • if you are reading the code, write down what you are looking for
    • playerfilters
    • make subfolder in docs for drafts
      • drafts can just be bullet points/a skeleton/outline

Making Transform not required for entities | Vera

  • for serialization
  • free VV, no extra work IT ALREADY WORKS!!!!
  • whats
  • simply support serializing entity systems instead
    • make systems entities
      • way too powerful
  • how to handle saving non-transitive data used by entity systems

Chat filter | Shadowcommander

implement the chatfilter, because admins are doing it rn remember to save it in base64 or something so we dont get bopped by github to sum it up: dont allow to send, notify admins, give them a popups

  • use unicode’s “confusables” information to find chars that look like eachother, and use that to bad “variants” of no-no words

Roadmap | Vera

“No” - Smug “Why” - Vera “It would be extremely painful” - Smug “You’re a big guy” - Vera “For you” - Smug

  • New roadmap:

    • Body system
    • thats it
    • dont forget photography
    • TBF the last roadmap had ideaguys all over it
  • make the roadmap make the last topic of each meeting

    • this way we all get input
    • the roadmap is at worst 2 weeks out of date

ComponentProtoName attribute | Sloth

Stable/bleeding edge branches | Mirror

  • where is mirror, wake her up!!!!!
  • we are currently very volatile compared to ss13
  • pause fukken updates to the servers somehow PLEASE
    • thistbh

Synthetic stress test of USWest | Mirror

PaulVS + USWest Hardware + .NET 6 + Atmos/Solar optimizations

Should we continue running biweekly playtests | Mirror

considering we get 20-40 pop pretty much constantly

  • keep doing playtests
  • they are good to remind people we exist
  • better player stat tracking? like retention, etc

Roadmap content

  • emergency shuttle
    • auto shuttle movement
  • gamemodes/antags
    • nuke ops
    • lings?
    • blob?
    • cult?
  • Salvage
  • Teleporters (Beam me up (Scotty))
    • telescience
  • body system but again
  • body system (get smug to code it)
  • Tutorial
    • In game guides

Post-meeting jstris! | Visne, Tomeno

  • when the hwehgneh the isss suss